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So this guy claiming to be Henry from Town Square Energy knocked on our door on a friday at 6:30 at night wanting to discuss our energy bill. He claimed we had ignored the three memoes the company had sent us.

He said he would keep coming to our home until we complied. When we asked him again what company he worked for, he told us to, "Have a good *** night." Police were called because you do not threaten people as a sales pitch.

Product or Service Mentioned: Town Square Energy Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This guy just came to my house now. Henry.

I lied claiming I didn't actually live here and ask for a business card, at which point he scribbled his information on a piece of paper that was all ripped up.

He gave us the same spiel. He also commented on the Partiers upstairs being hot as *** Then while he was writing his business card to me, he apologized for smelling like a skunk claiming he had a huge amount of *** in his pocket

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